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Stories of Trauma and Incarceration

Individuals who are justice-involved often have trauma histories.  Is there a link between victimization, trauma, and justice involvement?

The National Center created a four-part video series discussing this topic.  View the series' intro video herepart one herepart two here, part three here, and part four here.

Roundtable Report and Summaries


The National Center distilled data from a number of roundtable transcripts focused on crime victims' needs and experiences in the criminal justice system into a number of actionable reports.  It also collected summaries from each roundtable.


Read the report and summaries here.

State VOCA Administrator Directory

Some states allow the use of VOCA funds to serve individuals who are incarcerated.  To contact your state VOCA administrator, click here.

Webinar Archives

The National Center has hosted several webinars focused on the neurobiology of trauma, adverse childhood experiences (ACE), what

victims really want out of criminal justice reform, and historical and/or generational trauma.

Download PowerPoints and listen to recordings here.

Op-Eds & Other Resources

The National Center maintains a number of other podcasts, op-eds, and other resources focusing on topics related to crime victims, trauma, victimization, person-first language, and more.

Access these resources here.

Resources from Other SJC Strategic Allies

The National Center partners with several organizations that also serves as SJC Strategic Allies.

Access these resources here.

National Center COVID-19 Resources Include Facebook and Google Groups and Webinar Recordings


Learn more about our response here

SJC Network Meeting, [fall 2020 location TBD]
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Podcast Episode 1: "How Pennington County, SD Balanced Public Safety and Victims' Issues in their Reforms"
Listen and download here
Find more events here

The National Center offers training and technical assistance (TTA)

that can be tailored to your location or PSN team and may be delivered via virtual and/or in-person presentations, assessments, research, provision of subject matter experts, peer-to-peer engagement, tailored assistance, and more.

Our Safety & Justice Challenge TTA includes:


(1) organization of multidisciplinary round tables and focus groups centering victim's voices

(2) provision of experts and best practices

(3) training and education on trauma and victimization in justice-involved populations

(4) Workshops on our victim-centered criminal justice reform principles

Learn more here.

Visit our TTA Portal to learn about the National Center's other TTA programs.

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Past resources, including webinars, op-eds, and more, are accessible from the desktop version of this website only.